Compression springs are some of the most common spring varieties. They are available in many shapes and sizes and can be made from a wide range of materials.



Tension springs are used to hold two components together and pull them together when trying to pull them apart. A high tension spring works by absorbing energy and storing it. When tension is applied to the spring, its energy creates a resistance to counteract the pulling force.



Torsion springs work by exerting a rotational force (torque). These coil springs have ends that attach to other parts and the rotation (turning) of these components causes the springs to exert a force to return them to their original positions.







Resortes Nave is a company dedicated to the sale and manufacture of compression, torsion and tension springs for maintenance, replacement, replacement and new installation as well as a marketer of die springs.

Our main clients are the maquiladora industry, machine shops, service shops, the petrochemical industry, distributors and all the people overall. We have points of sale strategically located in the northeast of Tamaulipas, Mexico, where you can buy the springs and you can order a spring that is not in our inventory, we also have vendors who visit companies or customers who require us to make a measurement of springs to order them.


Our actions against COVID-19

At Resortes Nave, the most important thing is to seek the well-being of our customers, employees and suppliers, as part of our joint actions to maintain the integrity of all of us, we join the cause to prevent the spread of the virus by implementing the following precautions:

  1. Provision of antibacterial gel at the counter in our branches for our customers.
  2. Exhaustive and constant cleaning in high traffic areas (counters).
  3. Monitoring of the health of operational personnel when entering our facilities, in the event of presenting related symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, cough or fever) it will be channeled immediately and the government health system will be notified.


The following examples are some of the applications where Resortes Nave has helped to solve their clients needs

Loading Dock

Steel roller door

Gym equipment

R Clip

Key ring

Tortilla machines

Industrial / Manufacturing area

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Petrochemical industry

Heavy construction equipment


Wind energy

Medical area

Mechanical workshop

Farm equipment

Garage Doors